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Bar-Brewery "Stakhanovetc"

Bar-Brewery «Stakhanovetc»

Opening Hours: from 11-00 to 23-00 hrs
Address: street Airport 2
Reservations:8 (452) 726 992

To relax in a warm, friendly company you need a little bit - the company itself and a mug with a fine drink!

Bar-brewery "Stakhanovetc" will be able to quench your thirst as in beer and a wonderful pastime.

Bar-brewery "Stakhanovetc" is located near the airport and will welcome any guests who just flown in our city. A particularly curious visitors can watch the process of brewing beer. The Brewers will give you a choice of a huge range of beers on tap (BOGEMIA ALE, BOGEMIA CLASSIC, BOGEMIA LAGER, Svetloff, Sai, Drunken Pinta, Volga country house) and bottled beers.

Arriving one day, you will want to return here again!